MuseScore Tutorial: Adding Instruments, Articulation and Bars [Video]

MuseScore Tutorial: Adding Instruments, Articulation and Bars [Video]

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This is the sixth video in a 10-part MuseScore tutorial series which takes you through the steps of setting up a new score.  Each video focuses on one part of the score-creation process: navigation around the MuseScore screen, note entry methods, inserting repeat bars and creating codas and more.  These videos are a great place to start if you’re a new user looking for MuseScore help.

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Katie Wardrobe.  Welcome to tutorial 6.

I’ve decided to add in an ostinato to accompany my round so I’m going to add a bass guitar part.  I’ll press I to open the Instruments window and then underneath Guitars I’ll choose Electric Bass.  I’ll need to manually add in the key signature for my new instrument, so I’ll click on the Key Signatures palette and drag the D major key signature into place.

The bass guitar is going to play a 2-bar ostinato: I’ll select the first bar, press the letter N to start note entry, and I’ll enter the notes as I did before.  I’m going to include a crotchet rest here, so I’ll select crotchet by pressing number 5 and then press the space bar zero (0) to enter the rest into my score.  Press the Escape key twice to exit Edit Mode and to deselect the last note you entered.

Next, I’ll add in some articulation.  I want to add a slur between the first 2 notes, so I’ll select the first note and press the letter S.  Again, I’ll press Escape twice to deselect the slur so I’m free to move on to the next step.

I want to add a staccato to the low A, so I’ll click on the Articulations and Ornaments palette.  Select the staccato and then drag it over to the note.  Make sure that you see the notehead turn red before you let go.

Now that the ostinato is complete, I can copy and paste it throughout the rest of the score, the same way I copied my vocal parts.

I want to finish my song  with the bass guitar playing on its own, so I need to add some empty bars or measures.  I can press Control+B (or Command+B on a Mac) to add bars one at a time at the end of my score, or I can go to Create > Append Measures to add a group of empty bars all at once.

Now I’ll copy and paste my bass part a couple more times to finish off the ending to my song.

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  1. Sunggu

    12. Jun, 2012


    I tried to make legato (slur) with my scale, but seem it doesn’t give any impact with my score’s sound. I just tried simple notes as this: E-E-G-G (then I connected all by slur/legato). Then, the second test I connected 2nd E to 1st G only (I also made E-E-G-G as in the first). And the last test, I just put normal without any slur (just E-E-G-G). But, no impact with the sound. Is any mistake with my MuseScore? I use MuseScore 1.2.

    Thank you in advance for you reply.

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