MuseScore Tutorial: Codas [Video]

MuseScore Tutorial: Codas [Video]

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This is the eighth video in a 10-part MuseScore tutorial series which takes you through the steps of setting up a new score.  Each video focuses on one part of the score-creation process: navigation around the MuseScore screen, note entry methods, inserting repeat bars and creating codas and more.  These videos are a great place to start if you’re a new user looking for MuseScore help.

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Katie Wardrobe.  Welcome to tutorial 8.

I’ve just deleted the first and second time endings that I set up in the previous tutorial so that I could show you the method for setting up a coda.  There are a few things you’ll need to put into place to make a coda work successfully.

First of all I’m going to add in a double barline at the end of the main part of my score.  The final 3 bars are going to become my coda, so I’ll place the double barline here.  Next I’ll separate the 3 bars of the coda from the rest of my piece.  Select the first bar of the coda and then go to Create > Measures > Insert Horizontal Frame.

Now, we need to add some directions into the score so the performers know where to go back for the repeat and where to jump to the coda.

At the end of bar 16, I’ll add in a DS al Coda indication by clicking on the Repeats palette, choosing the correct text from the options and dragging it into position.  Make sure you don’t let go until the correct bar is highlighted.

Next, we’ll add the Coda sign to the last section.  Select it from the Repeats palette and drag it over to the first bar of the coda.  You may need to reposition it by dragging it up a little.  Now I’ll navigate to the beginning of the score to add in the Segno.  Drag it from the Repeats palette on to the desired bar.

Lastly, I’ll navigate to the place our performers are going to jump to the coda.  This time I need the To Coda text from the Repeats palette which I’ll drag here.

Provided you have entered everything in the right way, MuseScore will play back the repeats correctly.

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