How To Change The Background Color Of Your Score [Video]

How To Change The Background Color Of Your Score [Video]

Posted on 12. Jul, 2011 by in How-To Videos, Quicktips

When people view my videos, they often ask how I managed to change the background color of my score to white.  I’ve written about it earlier in a post titled 4 Top Tips for Customising Your MuseScore Experience, but I thought I’d also make a quick video that shows you how.  And if you’re after a transcript of the video, you can find that below, at the bottom of this page.

Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to another Quicktips video. Today’s tip is a quick one:

By default, the background colour of your score – that is, the colour of the manuscript paper – is a cream-coloured.  If you’d prefer to work with a plain white background like I do, you can alter the manuscript paper colour by opening MuseScore’s Preferences window.  On a Mac it’s under the MuseScore menu and on a PC you’ll need to go to File > Preferences.
Click on the Canvas tab and then under Notesheet, select Colour.  White is the default colour here, but you can choose an alternative if you like, by clicking on the white square and making a choice from the window that opens.
Thanks for watching.  You can find more tips like this one, plus a free MuseScore cheatsheet at

Image by D. Sharon Pruitt on Flickr

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