MuseScore: The Essential Beginner’s Guide

Wish you could create great-looking scores quickly and easily?

MuseScore The Essential Beginner's Guide
MuseScore: The Essential Beginner’s Guide will show you how to print your own sheet music fast.  Using the free open-source score writing program MuseScore, professional software trainer Katie Wardrobe will show you how to publish, play and share your music.

This 60+ page, step-by-step pdf ebook is the ultimate MuseScore tutorial for beginners.

What you’ll learn:

Over 6 action-oriented chapters, Katie will show you

  • How to create your first score around an hour
  • The best ways to enter notes quickly with a computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard
  • How to transpose music in a flash
  • Tips for editing your scores: adding slurs, measures, dynamics, chord symbols, triplets, lyrics
  • How to master selection of music and copy/paste techniques
  • How to make your own karaoke-style backing tracks
  • Quick ways to create MP3 files that you can play on your iPod
  • How to share your creations online

Plus…the one big secret you should know about using notation software successfully.

MuseScore: The Essential Beginner’s Guide is perfect for…

  • Composers who want to get their ideas into a digital format (stop writing on scraps of paper!)
  • Songwriters wanting to share their music with band members
  • Musicians that want to provide instrumental parts to ensemble members and speed up the rehearsal process
  • Students needing to complete music assignments
  • Arrangers who want to hear their arrangements while they work
  • Performers who need to transpose music into a more suitable key
  • Soloists wanting to create audio backing tracks to play along with

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What you’ll get:

  • MuseScore Tutorial BookA value-packed tutorial book
  • Practical exercises that allow you to implement what you’ve learnt straight away
  • Clear step-by-step instructions that walk you through each new skill
  • Easy-to-follow instructions that are supported by lots of images
  • Direct links to online video tutorials and other resources

This ebook is right for you if…

  • You’re new to notation software
  • You’re new to using MuseScore
  • You want a easy cut-to-the-chase guide
  • You want to fill the gaps in your MuseScore knowledge

About the author

Katie Wardrobe Katie Wardrobe is a professional software trainer and she has worked for more than 20 years as a music copyist, arranger, typesetter.  She is an easy-going trainer who likes to explain technical stuff in a simple way. Katie is the creator of the MuseScore in 10 Easy Steps and Quicktips tutorial videos which have had more than 276,000 views on YouTube (at the time of writing).  Katie is based in Melbourne, Australia, which should explain her funny accent.

What people say

Responses to Katie’s tutorials:

  • You ma’am, should be awarded a Nobel Prize and a year’s worth of spa treatments! (@cronkitepercussion)
  • Katie, the videos you make are one of the most precise and easy to understand in almost all of Youtube. (@sopanisgr8)
  • Katie, your tutorials are among the most lucid I’ve ever seen. Your work is very concise and crisp. (@johnheav)
  • Now this is a PRO tutorialist at work! Katie….what a treat to listen and watch your tutorials. Your technique and style are beyond 99.9% of all youtube tutorials. With all the mumbo-jumbo chit chat tutorials out there [well meaning as they are] yours are an A+ and beyond. (@johnnyzing)
  • Thank-you soooooooooooooooo much! You seriously saved my life! TT___TT I have a music project due tomorrow and you came in the nick of time! (@Mrmusicmaster88)
  • Thank you, from a computer moron (@aznminr123)
  • Katie, excellent tutorial! I was just missing it! Keep doing this great work! (@Cae70)
  • Katie, You’ve done a great job with these tutorials. Very impressive. (@NeilEvan814)

30-Day, money-back guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that MuseScore: The Essential Beginner’s Guide is helping you get started with MuseScore within 30 days, let me know and I’ll refund your money.

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